Every so often, CPCL gives a 15-minute spot to a musician we know and love. We've had some amazing guests so far, and if you want to buy albums or keep up with what they're doing, you can always find information about them here! 

TED SARAVESE. Ted played in Erin's dirty blues project, KeepSweet, and he is her favorite guitar player she's played with. He is an SF muso luminary and plays all the time, doing lots of different types of music--but squarely under the "Americana" umbrella. Here’s Ted’s bandcamp page: He also does a show on Wednesdays you can find on Instagram: tedsavarese 

BRIAN "DOC WOUND" HOWMAN. Erin met Doc in a bar in Dundee, and a beautiful friendship was born as he was there to play dirty songs on his ukelele. Doc plays blues and rock n' roll around Dundee and hosts open mics--or, he did before The Plague. WTIFAO (When This Is Fucking All Over), we will all go to Dundee for a CPCL extravaganza and meet him IRL!  You can find him at

MICHAEL DEAN DAMRON. "Mike D," as he has been affectionately known, was a family friend of Erin's and her late husband's. Their flat in San Francisco housed D and whomever else he was on tour with when they rolled through. Oh, the shenanigans! D is also a powerhouse songwriter and performer. Much beloved on the Left Coast, Erin thinks he belongs in the hearts and minds of UK musos. You can get more information here:, and here:

JEFF DESIRA. Back in the day, Jeff's band played with Erin's band a bunch of times--notably, on the bill of their first show together was also a band whose leader was Erin's future husband, and that show was the night they met. Jeff has been a Man About Town in San Francisco for going on 20 years. The most technically savvy of all our guests so far, you can find Jeff's stuff in ALLLLL of these places:


MORGAN GEER is the current guitar player for iconic alt-country goths, Freakwater. He’s recently been touring internationally solo with The Handsome Family. Erin knows Morgan from when he played guitar in Mike D's solo band, but they already had friends in common through the Rolling Stones Message Board Community. Morgan's band, Drunken Prayer, will likely bring to mind The Band for a lot of listeners, with the sense of place and history. But Morgan Geer’s songs and his singing often suggest a kinship with artists like Bobby Charles or Doug Sahm, musicians with Southern roots, with a yip and break to their voices, and notes of sadness offset by a wicked sense of humor." The band has toured 18 countries, playing hundreds of shows. Hopefully we can have him over for a IRL CPCL event. Buy his new single, "Cordelia Elsewehre,"which he played for us, on his web site! You can even buy it ON VINYL. Kick ass. 


JAMIE McCORMICK is a singer / songwriter & published poet living in the North East of Scotland. Their songs range from serious & soul searching to self-deprecating & satirical, but with a constant underlying theme of great hair. Pre-plague, they could be seen all over Scotland at Pride & music festivals performing their eclectic mix of music in exciting stage shows employing elaborate costuming & choreography & a healthy dose of humour. During lurgy lockdown they can mostly be seen on Zoom in pyjamas.