Spawned by the Stay-at-Home Fringe LitFest, Choose Poetry Choose life is a bi-weekly lockdown open mic night committed to providing a safe, supportive space for writers and performers of all stripes and persuasions. Newbies, old pros, stage poets, page poets--just check yer attitude in the Zoom waiting room. Our main rule is: "Don't Be a Dick." We broadcast the show live on Mutiny Radio, San Francisco's amazing, infamous pirate radio station. 


Erin Gannon is a poet, singer, and biker chick. She holds an MA in Poetry from the Seamus Heaney Centre for Creative Writing at Queens University Belfast. She is currently working on her DFA in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow, writing a long-form poem / rock opera. 



Andi Talbot is a writer and performance poet from Newcastle, England.
His debut chapbook, "Burn Before Reading" was published by Analog Submission Press and recently sold out! He is an avid Raiders, San Jose Sharks and Newcastle United fan.



Pam Benjamin is the Director of Mutiny Radio in San Francisco, CA with five weekly podcasts/live shows. She performs stand up comedy all over the US, has a novella on kindle ("VOICES" only .99), and holds an MFA in Poetry from SFSU '12, but really she just loves cats.